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Master Cheesemaker: Few Have Earned the Title

Cheese is a perfect blend of nature, science, expertise and artistry.  Today’s Wisconsin cheesemakers are experts at capturing the natural goodness of fresh, wholesome milk combined with technological advances, and the craftsmanship of traditional methods to create classic as well as new, innovative flavors for world-class cheeses.

While there are 1,200 licensed cheesemakers in Wisconsin, just 52 of them have achieved the designation of Master Cheesemaker.  That is what makes Ken Heiman, who became a Wisconsin licensed cheesemaker by age 16, so dedicated to this craft.  His focus on a ten-year journey of course work, exams, oversight from his peers, and consistent cheesemaking excellence brought this elite award to Ken and Nasonville in 2011.

As Ken states, “You’re always looking for new ideas, and expect to come out of the Master’s Program better equipped to implement those ideas.  From a marketing standpoint, the Masters Mark enhances consumer confidence when they know a cheese has been made by a Master.”